Why We Started Kevive: On the Go Snacks

Why did we start Kevive?

If you’ve ever walked down the on the go snack and nutrition bar aisle of the grocery store, you’ve probably felt the same despair and lack of excitement as I did. Every single time, rummaging through a handful of packages trying to find the one with the fewest fillers, best ingredients, and simultaneously wouldn’t be like chewing tough putty or sand. After years of shopping coming up disappointed, we decided it was time to do something about it. I was tired of the quality out there and tired of the options.

Through personal experiences, we’ve realized that the standard for nutrition bars like protein bars, meal replacement bars, and snack bars is set extremely low. While in many cases the macronutrient counts are hit, the ingredient quality, flavor profile, texture, and eating experience are less than enjoyable.

What’s the point of eating things that are unenjoyable when there are options that are both delicious, nutritious and get the job done? We couldn’t understand why, with such a massive industry, there weren’t many products that truly tasted good.

This made us ask ourselves, what can we create to raise the standard of what is considered “quality” while using as few ingredients and creating the most functionality as possible, within a reasonable price and without fillers? And can we do this while satisfying our taste buds, and without making our jaw burn like we just did a set of 20?

The answer was yes.

Our Mission

KEVIVÈ is on a mission to help you live better, longer. We do this by offering you products that are compatible for anyone looking to have more energy and feel better throughout their day. As time is our most valuable resource, we are here to help you make the most of yours by staying fueled up. Our specially formulated on the go snacks are crafted to provide sustained energy all day long, rather than sugar rushes and crashes.

Why it matters to us

To us, the eating experience is as important as the quality of the product, ingredients and nutritional value because as we all know: Things that taste great are easier to eat and more desirable. We will never offer anything subpar or based on a low standard of quality is unacceptable. This more than just an idea, we’ve made it our responsibility to take part in a movement to revolutionize healthy foods. It’s more than just a bar or bites. We’re making healthy enjoyable. You'll get all that with our on the go snacks.

What did we create with our On the Go Snack Bars?

Our first on the go snacks were the Maple Almond CooKeto Bites. Well, 25 recipes later anyway. With a blend of seeds, nuts, and healthy fat, we created on the go snacks that eats well and feels great too. No more jaw workouts, no more palm oil or overly processed protein. No more “chocolate coating” and absolutely no sugar. Just healthy fat and vegan proteins mixed with some natural flavoring and anti-oxidant rich Monk fruit sweetener.

Our next on the go snacks was the Cacao Chip CooKeto Bites. Rich, indulgent, chocolate with chocolate chips, almonds, and monk fruit sweetener, but we wanted something that had a bit more protein, so we added grass-fed collagen. What we got was something reminiscent of fudge or a chocolate truffle and we couldn’t be happier.

What is the best way to use CooKeto Bites in your day?

We wanted CooKeto Bites to give you options. Whether you need a meal or an on the go snack, we’ve got you covered. Life gets crazy and sometimes we get in a rush from heading to the next meeting, getting the kids to school or practice and getting yourself to the gym. That’s why CooKeto bites come in a 3 pack. Eating just one bite and drinking 8 oz of water is like having a light snack to hold you over until you get to your next meal. Eating the entire package is like having a meal replacement. For the Keto diet, an entire pack fits the target Keto macros perfectly and will fuel you through your day.

CooKeto Bites are made to be your on-the-go option for those, “Oh Crap!” moments when you need something fast and don’t want to break your diet. They’re a reward for a long day’s work or an indulgent start to your morning. They are the “2:30 feeling” pick-me-up and the mid-morning savior for the growling tummy ready for lunch.

We created these nutrition snacks with you in mind. Real people, real lives, real needs. Rest easy, knowing Kevive is the brand you can trust to always provide clean eating. Kevive snacks are:

  • clean
  • high-quality
  • delicious 
  • nutritious 

Check out KeviveFoods.com today for great snacks for on the go.

Jay Gatto

Co-Founder Kevive Foods



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