A New Found Love. . . for Keto Snacks

Food is intended to be comforting. Food brings people together. Food is even a point of celebration! But for many people, like myself, food can also be a struggle. We all want something delicious, but not something we’re going to feel guilty about. We want something nutritious, but also something quick and hassle-free. Especially these days, we just need something easy and nutritious to snack on. Many other keto snacks I’ve tried on the market can taste chalky or dry (I’ve eaten so many countless protein bars/snack variations...I live in west Los Angeles so the “new age” bar options are endless!) or are filled with ingredients I’ve never heard of. What is ferrous fumarate or pyridoxine hydrochloride? I don’t want to put that in my body!


I also suffer from (or was blessed) with an incredible sweet tooth. I crave chocolate-y and sweet snacks and for the longest time I had yet to find something that both satiates my desire for a sweet snack and is ketogenic diet friendly, and not pumped full of laboratory chemicals. I love how keto feels in my body but keto can be really challenging because I’ll crave something sweet and end up kicking myself out of ketosis. :(


BottlesIt’s taken me a long time to find a keto snack that satiates my hunger, sweet tooth, and doesn’t make me feel guilty. I was so happy when my friend showed me the locally-based business, Kevive.  Their snacks help me when I’m craving that late night sweet, or hankering for that after-lunch quick bite snack to hold me over until dinner. Since I love my body and I don’t want to “just suffer through” my snack and sweet cravings, or eat gross chalky ‘health foods’, I enjoy feeling satiated with my new favorite low-carb snack, Coo-Keto Bites! Who doesn’t love a snack that tastes like dessert? Yum!




Kevive FoodsKnowing I have these bad boys in my pantry makes it easier for me if I’m shopping or thinking about ordering take out and that pesky dessert menu (or aisle) shows up, and my sweet tooth pops into my brain and I think about getting something sweet. Knowing I have these delicious keto snacks that are sweet enough to be the perfect after dinner treats makes it easier for me to make keto-friendly choices at the grocery store!


Have a chocolatey delicious keto snack, absolutely guilt - free!


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