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Jay and Daniel started Kevivé as a protest to the status quo. After eating over 30 nutrition bars and snacks that we found on the shelves today, we were made clear on what we needed to do. Too many bars, not enough quality. Too many jaw workouts, too many ingredients, too much palm oil. We started Kevive with the mission of raising the standard of nutrition bars and snacks by providing an option unlike anything else that we have found. Simple, delicious, and enjoyable to eat. We believe in real ingredients, with a real purpose, and real flavor. We believe that the picture on the wrapper should match the product on the inside. Our mission: Serve you with high-quality, intentional and effective, ketogenic-friendly snacks!

Jay's creative flow is in the kitchen, he is constantly working on developing new healthy snacks that can support his goals and lifestyle. If it's not good enough for his body, then it's not good enough for Kevivé!


Joseph (Jay) Gatto

Daniel's goal in life is to bring people long and happy lives. Nutritious foods are a piece of that 'pie'. With that in mind, striving to provide the best balance between deliciousness and healthful is his passion.  

Daniel Enriquez


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