Keto Snacks for a Healthy Life Style

Simple & Clean Ingredients: Superfoods like Nuts, seeds and monkfruit & healthy fats

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We want to help you succeed. Whether it's your fitness, career, or life goals you may be pursuing, you deserve the best low-carb snacks to keep you fueled. We believe in raising the bar so eating clean, and acheiving greatness, is as enjoyable as possible.

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Our products are intentionally crafted with clean ingredients from filler-free recipes to bring you simple, healthy, affordable and clean keto snacks. 

KEVIVÉ has created low-carb snacks that are compatible for anyone looking to have more energy and feel better throughout their day. Whether you're in need for on-the-go snacks or for something to munch at home, we have you covered. As time is our most valuable resource, we are here to help you make the most of yours by ensuring you stay fueled up. Our specially formulated clean Keto friendly products are crafted to satisfy your sweet tooth while providing sustained energy all day long, rather than sugar rushes and crashes.

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These are the most asked questions we get about our products:

Are KEVIVÉ products certified Gluten Free?

KEVIVÉ Food products are not certified gluten free. However, there are no gluten-based ingredients in our products. This is because gluten has been shown to be highly inflammatory to a majority of the population.

Do KEVIVÉ Food products contain Artificial Sweeteners?

No. We believe in clean, natural ingredients, and our products do not contain any artificial sweeteners. The only sweetener we use is monkfruit based syrup created by ChocZero©.

Can your products help me with my weight loss goals?

Yes. Everything made in our kitchen supports an active lifestyle, which is an important component of working towards a weight loss goal. Ensuring that your body is fueled properly with quality foods can help to enhance your metabolism, improve your mental function, and give you the endurance needed for fat-burning workouts.

Is Keto Safe?

Short answer: Yes. Keto is safe. Our bodies go into Ketosis naturally when carbohydrates are restricted. Ketones are a bi-product of the breakdown of fat molecules which are used in the brain for fuel. Important things to remember are to always get enough water, do not restrict your calories too much, and be consistent. Keto is not for everyone. Listen to your body and if you are uncertain whether or not Keto is right for you, seek professional guidance.

How many carbs can I eat on Keto?

The amount of carbs each person can consume and remain in ketosis is different for each person. The basic rule of thumb is 5% of the total calorie consumption for the day. The math would look like this based on a 2,000 calorie diet: .05x2000= 100. So 100 of your 2,000 calories would come from carbohydrates, which is 25g of carbs per day.

Will Keto give me more energy?

The answer is: Yes it can. Benefits of Keto are that you use a more sustainable, longer lasting energy source which provides a more stable energy. When eating carbohydrates, it is easy to be on the energy roller coaster which means you have energy after you eat and then you crash. With Keto, it's possible to get off that cycle of up and down and maintain and even, steady energy all day. 

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